Discovering solutions to your biggest problems.

Creativate loves big problems. Seriously - we do.

Creativate has developed a unique, three track innovation process that dives deep into your users’ experiences with your product, your organisational practices, and your communication efforts to discover rich insights that lead to innovative solutions.

The Creativate Innovation Process is broken into three focuses:

1. The Wow! Great innovations inspire delight in the hands of customers and clients. They generate smiles and buzz, and end up making the world easier for their users. The best innovations create a joyful “Wow!” - and the Creativate Innovation Process is driven to inspire these responses from your clients. Using a range of deep-diving research techniques, we engage with the consumer’s world, discovering valuable new insights and challenging assumptions about the end-users. Our rich and comprehensive Customer Innovation Insights then guide the innovation process, generating innovative solutions that will surprise and excite your organisation’s clients.

2. The Work. Ideas are cheap. Truly valuable innovation has to be achievable and profitable for the business. As fun as pipe-dreams may be, ideas that wow but don’t work are of very little value to any organisation. The Creativate Innovation Process explores your organisation, discovering latent ideas, alternative uses of assets, financial savings and challenging your business’ assumptions - all to discover solutions that are valuable for both you and your customers. As we explore both your business and customers’ worlds, we identify the characteristics of a great innovation for your organisation. This rigorous approach allows for only the best innovations to move forward - delivering new solutions that are profitable, achievable and delightful.

3. The Word. Great innovations require innovative communications. Many new products and services have died a slow death - because there was little thought invested in communicating the offerings to the customer. We apply our innovation process to the communication process, with creative focus groups, research exploring the latest communication insights and market testing - all to discover a rich picture of the best communication practices for your innovation. These insights help us develop creative communications that wow and work, generating maximum impact while decreasing the costs - and delivering a valuable, delightful innovation to the people who need it most.