Innovation 360 Analysis.

Understand + Improve Your Innovation. Finally.

There's a lot to consider when it comes to innovation. Your organisation's culture, channels, processes, people, products, users - the list goes on.

An Innovation 360 Analysis measures the 16 key aspects of innovation in your organisation, and benchmarks them against the global leaders in your industry, area or against the best-in-class innovators. 

The result? A comprehensive analysis of your innovation footprint, and a rigorous set of data to drive your decisions - leading to an increase in innovation, new value for your clients and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Developed by Inno360 Group in Stockholm, an Innovation 360 Analysis measures your organisation against 83,000+ different classes, and combines quantitative surveys with qualitative interviews to provide the most comprehensive picture of your innovation footprint. The analysis is fully compliant with ISO/TC 279 and CEN/TC 16555-7.

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